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Price Recommendation Engine

Maximize your reach by setting the optimal CPC bid taking all targeting parameters into account.


Be the first to know where you can launch new campaigns at a higher scale and lower prices by simply checking the MGID dashboard.


Perfect for promoting special offers and discounts in all verticals. Also available as an additional monetization tool for site owners.


push notifications
delivered monthly


pricing starts
for CPC


countries worldwide

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MGID Solutions

Your leads deserve individual approach


MGID‘s Native Acquisition experts will provide tailored recommendations on advertising and bid strategy


Our content managers will create compelling and stylish ads that engage visitors


Your MGID account manager will monitor and optimize your campaigns daily to improve performance and maximize revenue

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The #1 tool for creating affiliate perfomance marketing

track, manage, analyze, optimize and scale your business rapidly

We know PeerClick tracker is a good tool because we use it every day. We built it for ourselves here at Automattic, to help us and other thousands marketers tackle a problem that plagues companies like ad campagn optimization.

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PeerClick - perfomance cloud based AI powered ad tracking solution Ad Tracking solution

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Get maximum from MGID push ads with more than 40+ PeerClick tracking.

Trusted by Affiliate Marketing Leader

“The platform is very flexible, responsive and fast. PeerClick provides affiliate marketers with deep analytics insights to improve ROI across may ad campaigns. Postback in native is a very important thing and exceeding expectations in optimizing your campaigns & ad funnels.”
PeerClick Testimonial from Daniella Kravtsova Head of Affiliate Marketing MGID
Daniella Kravtsova

Head of Affiliate Marketing MGID

Frequently Asked Quetions

On our main page, you can find a tab called “Free Resources”, from where you can access our documentation, video tutorials and step-by-step guides, and the blog. Also, when you log in to Peerclick for the first time, you will be guided around the panel. Additionally, once you buy a plan you'll receive onboarding emails and will be offered a group webinar or an individual onboarding, depending on your chosen plan.

Sure. PeerClick has pre-defined MGID postback template.That's why setting up MGID with PeerClick takes only a couple of clicks

In collaboration with MGID team we have prepared special pricing for all MGID users. Olease choose plan you need and start up quickly